August-September 2019 Artists in Recovery (AIR), St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle Upon Tyne
To create a collaborative piece for the AIR exhibition, I designed a 'blind' drawing of St Nicholas Cathedral and invited visitors to colour the drawing in.

I have also recently exhibited work at:
July-October 2019 Jesmond metro station, AIR, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
July 2019 Heads and Tales Exhibition, Vane Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
March-April 2019 Tynemouth Metro Station, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
February 2019-present Studio 12, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
December 2018-March 2019 Pulp Fiction, Whitley Bay, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
November 2018 The Ship, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
November 2018 St Luke's Church, Newcastle, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
October 2018 George Street Social, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
September 2018 St Nicholas Cathedral (AIR), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
September 2018 Holy Biscuit Gallery, Heads and Tails Exhibitions, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
September-November 2018 Ernest, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
July-October 2018 Aio, Madrid,
July-September 2018 La Chulapa en Mayrit, Madrid
June 2018 Barca, Tynemouth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
June 2018 Shoe Tree, Heaton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
June 2018 Northbound Exhibition, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

AIR 2018
I have previously displayed work at:
For the love of The North, Newcastle upon Tyne
Upside down presents, Newcastle upon Tyne
Factory Framing Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne
Crafters Emporium, Prudhoe
Allendale Forge, Allendale
TPFramework, Ulverston
Glass Designs and Gallery, Bristol
Trylla, Bristol
La tienda de Macario, Madrid
Chilli Bazaar, Newcastle upon Tyne
Bare and Natural, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne
The Mutiny Tattoo Company, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne
Green Ginger Arcade, Tynemouth, Newcastle upon Tyne
Kenilworth Hotel, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
Gingerinos, Newcastle upon Tyne